Abhivyakti is a stage for artists from different genres and backgrounds to meet, understand and appreciate other artists and their creations, engaging different generations under a single roof - for a single cause brings them together. The messages portrayed by these fabulous artists through their brushes brings us big hopes for the future. The remarkable thing about our event is that we do not restrict our audience by age or by a single art form; we give them the liberty to create and surprise us in any way. FORMAL EVENTS- 1) BIG CANVAS: Dreaming of making that huge painting as your masterpiece is every artist’s wish. Abhivyakti let people’s imagination run wild and be as creative as they can. 2) DOODLING: Doodling is yet another craft going famous in recent times, and abhivyakti gave a platform to everyone to showcase their creativity with this new art 3) ART EXHIBITION: College art societies from all over Delhi-NCR displayed their artworks. 4) BE FREE: This event with no theme allowed people to draw freely and magic was created with brush strokes and pencils. 5) MANDALA: An art event without Mandala drawing is like an empty canvas. This event for all the lovers of the famous traditional art of Mandala. 6) CRAFT MODELLING: Craft Modelling is a new emerging art from the west, and it was added this year to make people interested in this form. INFORMAL EVENTS- > EDM NIGHT: A tiring and a productive day ended with the crazy beats played by artists like XLR and Jetlack. Crowd couldn’t stop dancing to breathtaking drops. > BAND NIGHT: Abhivyakti Band Night witnessed an electrifying performance by the amazing fusion band- IKHTIYAR. > STANDUP COMEDY: Abhivyakti also witnessed a laughter filled evening and crowd going crazy over the stories shared by comedian Devesh Dixit. > RAP BATTLE: The most energetic rap performances were witnessed during this battle between talented rappers in the making. > DJ WARS: Aspiring DJs submitted their original mixes and a select few finalists got to perform live in front of the audience.