Blood Donation Camp 2020

The requirement of blood units has always been a major challenge in India owing to the vast number of diseases which require blood transfusions such as dengue and malaria. Moreover, Delhi being the capital city has a population of around 20 million and the city is fighting with a shortage of blood along with patients from neighbouring states also creates an overload on blood banks. Delhi Technological University has always been active in philanthropic activities and has been organising blood donation camps annually for the past 19 years. In 2019 also, on 22 nd August 2019, the students of DTU in association with the Indian Red Cross Society organised a blood donation camp in the Convocation Hall of Delhi Technological University. The students contacted the Dy. Director of the Red Cross society and the society agreed to organise the camp as per the past customs. The students then arranged the printing of posters and banners for campaigning of the camp. The details of the camp were shared online on various social media platforms to attract a large number of donors. Class to class announcements were also made prior to the camp. The hall was setup one day before the camp and beds and tables were arranged in order to facilitate the feasible donation of blood. The arrangement for refreshments was done for the donors as well as the organisers and doctors/paramedical staff at the camp. On the day of the camp, the student organisers arrived at 8 am and started with the preparation of the camp. Later, the doctors/paramedical staff from Indian Red Cross Society came with the required equipment for the camp. Initially, the donors were asked to fill a form to check if they can donate blood safely. Then a blood sample was taken by the doctors and the blood group was recognised. After that, the donors’ blood was safely extracted.