Message From Vice Chancellor

Prof. S. Indu

Vice Chancellor

Delhi Technological University

I proudly welcome you all to the Delhi Technological University which has been the powerhouse of providing education, encouraging research, supporting innovation and creating opportunities for students for more than eight decades. One of the Sanskrit shlokas from our rich literary heritage rightly says:

Knowledge is the most superior wealth of all! It can not be stolen, or taken away. It can not be divided, nor does it have a weight. It only grows! At DTU, we believe in the idea of providing knowledge through transformative education which is beyond the conventional boundaries of education, and offers holistic growth of an individual, society and the nation as a whole. Our teaching and research methodologies have access, inclusivity and integration at the core, and are aimed at providing the best-quality of education to our students. Our university offers various inter-disciplinary and industry relevant programs in Science, Engineering, Management & allied areas at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. We are also proud of our continuously improving national and international rankings. DTU has been ranked as the 29th best Engineering Institution in the country and the 40th best University in India according to the latest NIRF rankings. At the international level, DTU has been ranked in the 601-800 bracket in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. We are proud of our world class alumni, placement in top companies, publications and citations, along with the wide international diversity amongst our student fraternity.

At DTU, our focus is on inculcating the spirit of life-long learning and adaptability in our students because the modern globalized world is ever-changing, and full of evolving problems. Our teaching and learning methods are aimed at ensuring employability and entrepreneurship for our students. In addition to being technically and academically bright, we teach our students to be pragmatic in their approach, and handle the complexity and ambiguity of the real-world problems skilfully. With the quality education and the holistic grooming, we teach our students to be socially and ethically responsible, and help in improving the society and the world as a whole.

Our faculty members are dedicated to providing the highest quality of education to our students. Our faculty members are actively engaged in world-class research and DTU is proud to have produced multiple publications every year in international journals with high-impact factors. In addition, our faculty members are also engaged in active research through sponsored projects from industry and government funding agencies.

With the best of facilities and infrastructure at DTU, I want to encourage all the students at the University to invest their best in everything they do at the University. I urge them to equally divide their energy amongst academics: to strengthen their roots and build the educational foundations; and innovative research: to explore and to offer solutions to the multitude of national problems that our country faces today. As a graduate from our University, I expect our students to be strong building blocks in the progressive and strong future of our nation. In addition to academics, this University also provides innumerable opportunities for the students to evolve comprehensively in every sphere of life, and to develop their intellectual and interpersonal skills. I encourage the students to make use of all these opportunities and learn how to face life with confidence and a never dying aim of achieving success.

It is true that all journeys in life come with their own challenges. I encourage the students to handle these challenges optimistically. As it is rightly said that, "It is not the challenge that defines you. It is what you do with it." One must handle the challenge like a lump of coal. With hard work, dedication, and an undeterred spirit of progressing towards the aim, one has the power to convert that lump into a bright shining diamond.

I would like to conclude by ensuring you that the University is with you in all your endeavours and is always working for the overall success of individuals, society and the world. It is rightly said that, "The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn, and change." I am sure that DTU will always hold the flag of learning, continuous progress and an ever-evolving success, flying high.

Jai Hind.